About Me

Hi, I’m Valentina Ambrogio! I am an English to Italian game localiser and subtitler based in Italy. I merged my all-time favourite pastimes – videogames and TV shows – and my studies into a powerful professional combo.
I hold a BA in Translation (University of Messina), an MA in Audiovisual Translation (UNINT), a Certificate in Software and Video Game Localisation (UCL), and a Certificate in Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (UCL).
In 2013, I founded Rockstar Translations to provide exclusively game localisation and subtitling services, but I have been working professionally as a translator since 2010. I translate videogames, apps and subtitles daily, and I love it!

My Services

Game Localisation

Game Localisation

I transcreate your in-game texts, scripts, manuals, press releases, store texts into Italian. My mission: translations for the gamers by a gamer.

App Localisation

App Localisation

By localising your app into Italian, I will help you tap into the Italian market, boost your app store searchability, and improve overall user experience.



I provide EN to IT subtitles, QC, time-cueing, and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH) that meet the subtitling requirements for your target audience.

Proofreading & QC

Proofreading & QC

Poorly written texts affect negatively the reading experience. I can help you get rid of grammar and spelling mistakes, and ensure linguistic quality, fluency, accuracy, and style.

Fair Game

Fair Game

Cultural faux pas are common when translation is involved. My aim is to produce inclusive translations, considerate of all genders, cultures, and beliefs.

Tools & Devices

Tools & Devices

My CAT tool of choice is MemoQ. My subtitling software is WinCAPS Qu4ntum. I can test games on: iPhone 14, iPad 8th gen, PS5, Windows PC, Nox, Steam.

My achievements

13+ years

as Professional Translator


In-game Words Localised

40k min


26+ years

of Gaming XP

Project Showcase

[roguelike RPG for PS4, Xbox, PC]
Main Italian Localisation Specialist 

by Big Way Games
[satirical action RPG for PS, Xbox, PC]
Main Italian Localisation Specialist 

UNDERMINE by Thorium
[action/adventure roguelike RPG for PS, Xbox, PC, Switch]
Main Italian Localisation Specialist


DOOMSDAY VAULT by Flightless
[puzzle adventure game for Apple Arcade]
Main Italian Localisation Specialist 


[hidden-object puzzle game for PC]
Main Italian Localisation Specialist

[educational open-world for iOS, Android]
Main Italian Localisation Specialist


Vadim Panas

Localisation PM at Big Way Games

“We've been working with Valentina for more than three years now and I have nothing but good things to say about her professional qualities. She is very reliable, always on-call and committed to producing high quality translation. We cannot recommend her enough as a video game localiser and transcreator and we look forward to working with her in the future.”

Cinzia Barrella

Professional Italian game localiser

“In many years working in videogame localisation I have met very few translators like Valentina. She is attentive, knowledgeable, and extraordinarily quick to take action. Her diligence translates also into the linguistic aspect, as her work is always spotless and outstanding.“

Localisation Project Manager

US governance company

“Valentina is an outstanding linguist and it has been a pleasure working with her. She is very reliable for both quality and delivery, responsive with all communications, and effective in helping us find solutions to the linguistic challenges and issues we are trying to solve, all while demonstrating her knowledge in the subject matter and skills with the tools we are using.”

Vicky Lee

Localisation PM at Keywords Studios

“I worked with Valentina on few mobile game localization projects and she was always very responsible, passionate, and diligent. She was extremely easy to work with and I could see that she treated every single project with respect - she would never hesitate to go extra mile to deliver high quality translations. She is indeed a ‘rockstar’!”

Renata Mliczak

SDH Online Tutor at UCL

“Valentina is a very dedicated translator and subtitler. Her subtitles were very polished and prepared according to the specific brief. She always paid attention to the technical restrictions of the modality, at the same time focusing on maintaining appropriate style and register of the text. She always concentrated on grammar and punctuation, so important in subtitling. She never missed a deadline, often sending the files earlier than expected.”

Wendy Matson Bergonse

COO at Feature Subtitling

“We started working with Valentina a few years ago. She quickly became our go-to translator for Italian, and we have complete faith in the quality of her work. She is a consummate professional who takes great care in the work she does, and she never misses a deadline. We are very happy to have her on our trusted team of translators!”


Looking for an Italian localiser or subtitler?

If you’re looking for a professional Italian game localiser or subtitler with hands-on insights into your target audience, and a friendly no-fuss approach, get in touch! We can discuss your project and find the best way to achieve your goals!

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