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The Unique Pro Series ft. Giulia Carletti of Words of Nona


The Unique Pro Series ft. Giulia Carletti of Words of Nona

Posted by Valentina Ambrogio in Interviews, The Unique Pro Series 16 Dec 2015

Welcome back, everybody! The last featured Unique Pro of 2015 is Giulia Carletti, the brilliant interpreter and translator also known as Words of Nona. Have you ever wondered about the meaning of her business name? If you want to know more, you just have to read this fantastic interview. Enjoy!

Introduce yourself, but focus more on your personal than your professional life.

First of all, thank you, Valentina, for having me! I’m a huge fan of this series and I am really honoured to be part of it. I am Giulia and I am a rational dreamer, a tennis fan, a tea drinker and I like to think I am curious, creative and fun to be around!

As many linguists, you are a traveller at heart. You have lived in Spain, in Ireland, in the UK, and now you’re back to where it all started, Rome. How did these travels shape the professional you are today?

Apart from the linguistic side- living in a country immensely helps in polishing your language skills-I learned something from everywhere I’ve been. Spain has taught me to be more relaxed and not to fret over little thing, Ireland to be more independent and London not to ever give up- important lessons that are really helpful for both my professional and personal life.
And Rome…it is not the easiest place to live, you know it, but it is the most beautiful city in the world, and I always miss it when I’m not there.

Your brand name is quite interesting, and it has to do with Roman mythology, right? Would you like to tell our readers something more about the story behind Words of Nona?

You’re right, Vale! Nona is the Roman goddess who spins the fate of each human life.

I chose to use her name as I wanted to give the idea that words can make or break a deal and completely change someone’s life. Words are a powerful tool!

I also chose the name because I am from Rome, Latin and Greek literature were my favourite subjects in school and I thought Nona wasn’t too complicated to write, pronounce or spell for English and Spanish speakers.

Has your (let me say, awesome) personality played any role in your career choices in terms of specialisations, branding, on-line presence? Or did you just go with the flow?

First of all, thanks for your lovely words- having a great colleague saying I’m awesome doesn’t happen every day! <3

My interests play a big role in my specialisation, as I couldn’t work on something I don’t enjoy; branding wise, I wanted something that could represent the fact that I’m young and I don’t like formalities, so something too corporate would not have worked for me.

As for my online presence I’m trying to open up a bit more on social media- I also have an Instagram account now, which is 90% food and trees, but hey, these are the things I like!

List your unique professional features.

Judging from the feedback  I received, my clients appreciate the fact that I am proactive, flexible and very good at communicating- I like to always keep them in the loop of what is happening, or explain my choices if the text I worked on was a tricky one.

I met you and I know that your personality truly comes across a lot in person. What about your clients? Do you think they can perceive the real Giulia by following – for instance -your social media or your blog, or just by reading your emails?

I hope so! I was a bit intimidated on social media at first, but I realised I didn’t want to look too serious, because this is not who I am.

So now I freely post silly puns on FB, add smileys to emails to my clients and share food pics on Instagram, because that’s me!

Showing your true colours and being yourself as a marketing tool. Do you agree? Do you think it is ultimately a game-changing factor, or do you find irrelevant?

I completely agree on this! As I said, it might feel intimidating, but I don’t see the point in selling something you are not.

If you are yourself, you will attract people who like to work with someone like you and the other way around- being true to yourself is the best you can do in every situation. The important thing is to find the balance between showing you’re a true pro as well as a likeable, unique human being.

And now, just some simple yes-no questions:
Do you feel professionally unique? Yes!
Are you happy with your life/job balance right now? Not really… I tend to focus on work too much and I really need to improve on this.
Is there anything you would like to do to stand out more? Being more consistent with my blog and a new project I hope to tell you more about next year! :)


Bio Pic - GiuliaBio: EN/ES>IT translator and conference interpreter based in Rome and Milan. I specialise in marketing & transcreation, food and tourism, with a penchant for medical interpreting.
Book(s) you are currently reading: The Language of Food- a Linguist Reads the Menu by Dan Jurafsky (surprised?)
Book(s) you recommend: The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Micheal Pollan (or any of his books, really) to keep on the food theme, or any Harry Potter- I’m a huge fan!
In my spare time I like to: bake (and eat!), watch and play tennis, explore new places in Italy and abroad
Share a song: “Starman”, David Bowie, just because it’s been stuck in my head for the past few days!

Giulia, you’re great. I love your personality, and I am very grateful that I finally got to meet you.  Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed. 2015 couldn’t have ended better for The Unique Pro series. We will be back in 2016, so stay tuned! Happy holidays 😀


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