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The Unique Pro Series ft. Alina Cincan of Inbox Translation

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The Unique Pro Series ft. Alina Cincan of Inbox Translation

Posted by Valentina Ambrogio in Interviews, The Unique Pro Series 21 Oct 2015

Alina Cincan’s name and her business – Inbox Translation – are well known, especially among us linguists. Her blog, Closer wor(l)ds, has won several awards and is a very good source of information. For those of you who do not know Alina (yet) or are interested in getting to know her better, this is the right post to read. Enjoy!

Hello, Alina, would you please introduce yourself trying to focus on your personal rather than you professional life?

Hi, Valentina! Thank you for inviting me to take part in this awesome series.

I am forever in love with everything and anything to do with languages (sort of obvious I guess), I am chatty (too chatty sometimes I may add) and I have a little big huge obsession with shoes, bags, make-up and jewellery. My ideal pet would be an owl – I simply find them impossibly cute ♥. While growing up, I wanted to become a teacher (which I did), a lawyer (I didn’t, but I did interpret for some of them) and even a police officer (I now analyse words instead of crime scenes).

Has your personality influenced your career choices (e.g., specialisations, branding, online presence, etc)? How?

 Absolutely! My love for languages, which started when I was 7, has clearly influenced my career choices: language teacher, translator, interpreter. The fact that I also wanted to become a lawyer and my fascination with everything legal has led me to choose this as one of my specialisations. Literature has also come naturally, as I am a bookworm. Regarding branding, I let the experts do their thing :)

You market your services as a business called Inbox Translation, of which you are co-founder. You are also a conference speaker and you have given a couple of talks last year. So your face and your name are more visible on social media than your (business) partner’s. Was your increased visibility planned all along, or did it just develop naturally because social media marketing is, say, your cup of tea?

A bit of both I’d say. First of all, Flo is responsible for the marketing strategy and all the technical aspects of the business, so he is less involved in the actual translation aspect of the business, here including clients, translators and anything related specifically to the industry. Secondly, social media has become a second nature to me. I haven’t been doing it for long, but I do love it.

To what extent has Alina’s personality shaped Inbox Translation’s unique professional features?

I think our unique professional features as a company stem more from my experience as a freelance linguist than from my personality.

Do you reckon your clients, your linguists and your colleagues are able to perceive the real Alina by following your social media profiles or your blog, for instance?

You’d have to ask them :) I’d say ‘Yes’, more so on social media than on the blog, as it also depends on the topic I write about.

Do you agree with showing your true colours and being yourself as a marketing tool? Do you think it is ultimately a game-changing factor, or do you find it irrelevant or detrimental to your career?

Yes and no. What I mean by that is that you have to be yourself, in the sense that you should not pretend to be something or someone you’re not, but there are situations where you need to hold back a little – for instance, not posting certain things on social media. I am not sure I see it as a marketing tool though.

And now, just some simple questions:
Do you feel professionally unique?
Everyone is unique in their own way. I don’t think there’s another translator with the exact qualifications, experience, personality and business attitude.
Are you happy with your life/job balance right now?
Yes, though I don’t really think much about this aspect. Since I am literally married to my job (as Marie Jackson from Looking-Glass Translations said), I don’t see it as a balance, but as whole.
Is there anything you would like to do or plan to do to shine more?
No plans per se, just to continue to do what we’ve been doing so far.


Bio Pic - AlinaBio: Alina Cincan is a former teacher, translator and interpreter with over 10 years’ experience, now Managing Director at Inbox Translation and a conference speaker. She is a language geek who likes to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry. When not writing on the company’s award-winning blog – Closer Wor(l)ds, she is writing on other people’s. She also has a soft spot for sushi, make-up, shoes and owls. You can get in touch on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
In my spare time I like to: read
Book(s) you are currently reading: I just started reading ‘The Book Thief’ (in Romanian – ‘Hoțul de cărți’) by Markus Zusak, which was a birthday present from my friends.
Share a song: That’s not easy. I’ll go for ‘The World Is Not Enough’ (Garbage), as it holds a special meaning to me.

I had the pleasure of working with Alina and Inbox Translation, and her kindness and professionalism truly impressed me. She is the perfect Project Manager, if you ask me.

Thank you, Valentina! :)

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