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2015 in review – Rockstar Translations

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2015 in review – Rockstar Translations

Posted by Valentina Ambrogio in Rockstar Translations 30 Dec 2015

It is that time of the year again, the time of endings and new beginnings. It’s been an eventful 2015 for me, with many ups and downs, very sad and very happy moments, but that’s what life is all about. Last year, just like this year, I had a list of resolutions. Did I stick to them? Let’s see it together.

Reading more books – both translation-related both “normal” books 
Even though I am a slow reader (the more I like a book, the faster I fall asleep – don’t ask me why…) I am very proud of the 14 books and 4,011 pages I read in 2015. You can have a look at my Year in Books on Goodreads

Do a good job with the project I mentioned above 
Here I was referring to a game localisation project which accompanied me for almost six months. Working in close contact with the developers and the localisation team has been a wonderful experience which I hope to repeat soon!

♦ Finding new clients in subtitling and game localisation ✓
Not as many as I hoped for, but I cannot complain.

♦ Take more steps towards full-time freelancing 
I didn’t just take a few steps, I actually reached the end of the road. On September 4th (…and 4 is my lucky number) I resigned from my full-time in-house position and joined the freelancing world with high hopes, little money and extreme enthusiasm.

♦ Attend a translation conference or event 
This finally happened! I attended the 2015 Giornata del Traduttore (Translator’s Day) in Pisa, Tuscany. A whole day of interesting talks and, above all, empowering networking with great colleagues and friends.

♦ Improve my German speaking skills ✘
Epic fail here. I swear I tried though. My old books are still there waiting for me.

♦ Go abroad 
Yes and yes. I took a one-day trip to Èze-Village and La Turbie (France) last June, and spent five fantastic days in Amsterdam last September. Amsterdam stole my heart <3 Not to mention the great time I had with the amazing Judit!

♦ Meet at least one of the amazing people I’ve met on-line in 2014 in real life 
I did even better here. Not only I met a lot of them, we shared great moments together – 9-hour talk and lovely pizza time at my house with Manuela and Alessandra (Langwich), dinner and strolling around Pisa with Chiara (One Sec Translations), Manuela and Emmanuele (Langwich), Maria Pia (WordLo), Chiara & Barbara (doppioverso), Valentina, and finally meeting Valeria Aliperta, Giulia Carletti and many others!

♦ Write more posts on this blog 
I am very proud of this. The Translation Cauldron has now two interview series you can read:
The Unique Pro series – up close and personal interviews with language professionals telling us how they manage to stand out as professionals by showing their true colours. You can click on the following names to read the interviews featuring One Sec Translations, In Touch Translations, Langwich, Inbox Translation, Alberoni Translations, Dutch of Course, Sofia Polykreti, and Words of Nona. More coming in 2016!
Level Up! series – Videogames localisation experts – such as Marianna Sacra, Anett Enzmann, Dmitry Kornyukhov, and Dorota Pawlak share tips and tricks for beginners and not only. 

♦ Be happier and worry less about the little things 
All in all, I feel like my life is going in the right direction right now. I still worry and overthink, but my grandpa’s death triggered a chain of events that changed me, making me realise that life is short and happiness is only in my hands, and no one should have the power to take that away from me. People do not deserve to make me feel miserable.

9 out of 10. Well, I consider it a success! Also, do you remember my positivity jar? I’ve read all the notes I put in it throughout the year. It works! It gave me such a motivational boost, and I can say I am grateful for: the fastest payments ever received from a client; being able to turn down jobs and not feel bad about it; having great people by my side who support me no matter what; Alessandro, my no. 1 supporter; getting positive feedback on my work by PMs and colleagues; working long hours and being tired, but happy.

And that’s my 2015 in review. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my 2016 New Year’s resolutions!


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